Monday, June 24, 2013

Purple Beauties!

Ready to harvest!
My red onions are harvested and they look delicious!  Feeling so proud of these purple beauties right before harvest, I had done a quick Google search to see if there was anything I needed to do other than pull these babies out of the ground.  To my surprise, they grew so well, because onions are simply easy to grow! I had great success with my shallots last year so I decided to try the red onions for all my yummy Greek summer dishes.  One website basically burst my gardening bubble when it said, "if you can poke a hole in the ground, then you can grow an onion."  To tell you the truth, that really is all there is to it!
1. Poke a hole
2. Place the onion bulb in the hole
3. Cover with soil
4. Water and Wait
5. Pull it out when ready and let dry (do not rinse off the dirt!)

This is just half of the harvest!

That's it folks!  It doesn't get easier than that.  Once the green has dried out, just use scissors to snip them off as well as the roots.


  1. inspiring! i live in the city and just started growing herbs. i have one big pot left that i was thinking of re-growing celery, garlic and green onions. when did you plant your onion and how long did it take to grow?

    1. I started growing the onions near the end of March with my other cold weather crops. They take about 100 days. You might need to wait till the fall when it's not so hot or put them in a shadier spot.
      I just checked out your site and those S'mores donuts look amazingly delicious!

    2. thank you for visiting!
      and thank you for the info. i will definitely try to remember to plant the onions in the autumn. it's one of my most used ingredients and something i get so annoyed about having to buy every week!