Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pre-snowstorm Preparations with a Solar Flower

It would be redundent to add to the many snow photos and videos being circulated about this crazy winter we are having in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Even now, it is coming down hard and the snow drifts make it hard to know if we have 10" of snow or 2 feet!  It depends where you measure.  Knowing this snow was coming, along with the rest of the world, I took a few precautions.  This included the usual gas, groceries and kid activities (library books, videos, etc.).  However, I also made a pit stop for my husband's Valentine card and was drawn to this solar dancing flower. 

How happy it looked as it danced in the store window with the sunlight hitting the tiny solar panel.  It promised spring.  It promised happiness.  It reads, "love" on the base.  What's not to like?   Yes, it's a plastic flower.  And yes, any other day I would have thought this was a cheesy novelty.  However, with storm #9 approaching, and a "historic storm" to boot, I grabbed it and headed to the checkout. 
This morning at 8:30am with snow still coming down.

That was yesterday.  Today the storm is here.  It has already piled so much snow in my window box that the solar panel can no longer receive enough light to dance.  However, as I look out the back window in to the 2 foot drifts in the backyard, I realize that my garden is somewhere under that 2 feet of snow.  It will be a long time before this girl sees the garden again.  So dance on plastic love flower!

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