Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pennsylvania Gardener's Guide, book review

Continuing with the last blog about the plants/flowers that are native to our area, I have to recommend one of my favorite books.  Pennsylvania Gardener's Guide, by Liz Ball, is a great book for anyone living in Pennsylvania.  It's always fun to plant something from out of your area, however, if you want to know what's easy to grow in PA, just open the book and pick from one of the MANY species native to our neck of the woods.  If you're from outside of Pennsylvania, just search Amazon for a book on your own area.  There's many out there.

Pennsylvania Gardener's Guide is a must have for the PA gardener.  I have referred to the book many times prior to purchasing plants and even afterwards.  Imagine having all those little descriptive plastic spikes that come with the flowers, assembled into one book.  In here, you'll find sections on:  Annuals, Bulbs, Grasses, Ground Covers, Perennials, Shrubs, Trees, Vines and Water Plants.  Under each section are the most common ones for Pennsylvania. 

Once you've found your particular plant you're looking for, the book gives all the advice you'll need from planting, care, growing and other great facts about it's history or companion plantings.  Each page also gives the sun/shade preference, bloom time and mature height and spread.  These are great facts to have prior to a trip to the nursery.  I highly recommend the book.  Remember, if you plant what's natural for your area, you'll have greater success at growing it too!

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