Saturday, June 23, 2012

First Dahlia of the Summer

And there it is, the first dahlia of the Summer season!  Just as my heart gets excited at the first daffodils of Spring, a dahlia has that same effect.  It signals the official change from one season to the next.  Sure, by June there are lots of Summer flowers that have been blooming, however nothing compares with a dahlia.  It's like the beautiful distant cousin of a sunflower.  What else has the ability to draw us in, actually pull out a ruler and stand in awe at the 7" expanse of the flowerhead?  The stalks alone are a wonder when you figure a small bulb is all that it takes to produce this giant plant with huge flowers.  It announces that Summer is here.  Prepare the way for the sunflowers and floxgloves and hollyhocks and other mammoth flowers.  It's their turn to rule the gardens and inspire children to appreciate the gardens.  Welcome Summer!