Sunday, June 10, 2012

Taming the Beast with a "haircut"

The sugar snap peas that I last shared about have since grown to ridiculous heights for my small garden.   The plant passed me in height (5' 6") and then fell over when a storm rolled through.  Fortunately, for the plant, it fell on top of two tomato cages so it was completed supported.  However, that was bad news for the tomatoes.  Being that they were still small, I was not too concerned.  However, the tomatoes quickly grew and needed to have their cage tops returned to them.  So I gently heaved the sugar snap pea plant off the tomato cages and onto the cucumber trellis.  It seemed like a good idea until the snap pea plant stretched all the way down to the growing cucumbers.  Like friendly neighbors, they said hi and wanted to intertwine their vines on the same trellis.  I couldn't have that!

At a loss, my neighbor suggested a simple solution--give the sugar snap pea plant a trim.  Really, was it that simple?  Wouldn't I hurt the plant?  Surprisingly not!  I had already harvested 1 1/2 gallon-sized ziplocs of peas and had much more to harvest.  So I gently cut a few branches.  I didn't hear any plant screams so I kept going.  After taking off over 2 feet from each branch, it finally rested along the top of the cucumber trellis.  The plant continues to thrive, I continue to harvest sugar snap peas and the cucumbers and tomatoes have room to grow again. 

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  1. Love that your vines are friendly neighbors ;) Passed this post (per usual!) onto my husband.