Friday, July 26, 2013

Tomato and Cucumber Update

One day's harvest!
My favorite salad ingredients are the tomatoes and cucumbers.  So when I saw my plants growing like weeds this summer, I got excited.  And now, earlier than ever in my garden, the tomatoes are ripening.  They're ripening really fast! 

Just this morning I gave away almost 10 tomatoes just from yesterday.  So I was suprised when I went out and needed my son's help to carry in the "load".  Just today, we picked 22 tomatoes and 4 cucumbers.  There's still plenty of tomatoes that will be ready tomorrow!  It's so satisfying to grow enough in the garden to share with others.  So if you're local, come help us eat these!


  1. So when we do finally get together for that dinner, you are definitely bringing the salad :)

    1. Deal! Unless it's winter. Then the only thing I'll have left is maybe some red onion. : )