Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pinterest Envy: Gardening Tool Organization

I love searching Pinterest and seeing all the wonderful gardening and backyard tips and photos.  However, I find myself wondering where these gorgeous backyards came from and where these beautifully organized garages exist.  Although gardening sheds and potting benches spring up all over Pinterest and Google searches, I have yet to see one in my neighborhood or among my friends and family.  This leaves me with a deep case of Gardener’s Envy for whoever lives inside the real life world of those photos.  After years of having my gardening supplies strewn among various shelves and cabinets in the garage, I finally took up a small space on the floor.  It sits just behind the kids’ hockey sticks and right in front of the ladders.  No one seems to have found this spot.  How do I know?  Because for the past year (a complete gardening year), my items have not been lost, borrowed, or accidentally fallen behind the steel garage shelves.  Of course, I would love a gardening shed.  However, the reality is that I would probably just store the kids’ bikes in it so they weren’t constantly falling against my car.  And I would love a potting table, although I’m sure it would be a place for the kids to race their cars or fill Nerf guns or water balloons.  The reality is that I’m a Mom first and a gardener second.  Plus, the glass is half full....I can count the positives:   no one has fallen in to my raised bed, no one has randomly picked my veggies without first asking, and the kids know when Mom is in her “gardening zone” and to let her have her moments of therapy.  Sharing the gardening with the kids is what memories are made of too!  That is all worth more than a shed or table.  When I retire, I’ll graduate to them.  When I do, I’ll have a large board of “pins” to refer to for inspiration.  For now, I’m happy to have found a place for my tools to hide so when I do find spare moments from being a Mom, I can quickly get to work without hunting behind shelves and buckets of balls.

I found this potting bench on Amazon.  Hey, looks alot like a repurposed babychanging table!  Ok, readers, get to work in recycling your baby changing tables and baker's racks.  Move them outdoors.  And let me know if you have a spare for me.


  1. Made me laugh! And love the rack idea :) I know my husband had luck in our old house, nailing a wooden rack to right by our back door to hold his outdoor tools--superconvenient, cheap, easy, and got them off the floor! :)

    1. I'll be looking at garage sales this spring. Great idea to nail it right to the wall. I think I pinned something like that. : )