Sunday, February 19, 2012

Catalogs of Hope

The mailman is my messenger of Spring these days.  He brings me gardening, seed, and plant catalogs right to my doorstep.  They offer the promise of hope that Winter will soon be ending!  Although it has been one of the mildest Winters on record in the past 50 years (for the Northeast, at least), I still long for my 4'x6' plot of dirt and all that awaits it after the danger of frost has past!  As I read through the newest catalog, my youngest son Alex jumps in my lap.  He has inherited my thrill of the garden and was my part-time helper last year.  He was just as excited with every turn of the page as we both longingly looked at all the flowers, all the plants, and all the colors available for each!  The only thing that could perfect the catalog-viewing experience is a scratch-and-sniff section.  Oh, if only there was a scratch and sniff page, then we would really be ready for Spring!


  1. Hey, nice blog! :) Spring should be here any minute now and we can all get our fingers dirty once again.

  2. You did it, Jen! What a great design and perfect name for your blog. It's always about this time of year when you start sending out photos of the first signs of Spring. :)

  3. I share your love of the garden and contemplation over seed catalogs with visions of beautiful flowers gracing my yard. Nice blog.