Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life is Like...

Life is like a packet of seeds...you never know what you're gonna get!  Last year, I began my planting season on St. Patty's Day after learning that there were "cold weather crops" and I didn't have to wait for Summer plantings.  Those vegetables (radishes, loose-leaf lettuce, snap peas, and broccoli) did great.  I had no idea that the Summer crops would bring a few surprises.  Among the many veggies I planted, I also decided to grow "dwarf sunflowers" to attract bees and sage for my cooking.  I carefully followed the packet instructions for depth, watering, light, etc.  After weeks of nurturing, I transplanted them to the garden and continued the nurturing.  To my surprise, the sunflowers all grew to their expected height of 4 feet except for one mutant plant that grew past 8 feet!  I was shocked.  The trunk itself was wider than a baseball bat!  As for the sage, those seeds were also not as planned.  I nurtured and watched my seeds grow in to a full pot of WEEDS!  Those plants that I transplanted were nothing more than an original packet of weed seeds. 

It is much like our relationships in life.  We start a friendship, or maybe even just cross paths with someone and hope to connect again.  After a time of nurturing that friendship, we're sometimes surprised when we look back and see that those that we thought would be mere acquaintances, are really the giant beautiful sunflower (far beyond our expectations).   Some friends, despite the care given, disappear like weeds.  However, the latter is not sad.  In the process of raising that small seed of a friendship, the end result does not take away from the life we poured in to it, and that somewhere along the way, they found their friend, and we ourselves also grew.  I'm ready for this year's seeds...both in garden and life.

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