Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Propped Rose

I received a dozen beautiful roses the week before Valentine's day from my husband.  They sat in a vase where I could admire them until I thought to pull one out and put it on my window sill above the kitchen sink.  With one on the sill, I could always see a rose while working in the kitchen.  If you're a Mom, you know there is plenty of time spent in the kitchen...prepping, cooking, cleaning, repeat!  So this single rose was propped in a small repurposed Orangina glass bottle on the sill where I saw it many more times than the other 11 across the room.  As time passed, the other roses had flopped over and were thrown away.  It was just today that I realized this rose, which looked vibrant and strong, was actually just propped up by the bottle lip.  And so it is with us that we're often propped up by our support systems in life to continue on until we find our own strength.  Aim today to be someone's support and find a way to prop them up.


  1. Well written! You are doing a great job with your Blog! :) I'm glad for you that you started one.

  2. Very nice, Jen! Mmm - Orangina! : )

  3. Thanks for adding a little beauty to my day with this :)