Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Second Chances

Flipping through "Birds & Bloom" magazine the other day I came across an article on growing your own tropical fruit.  They listed lemons, bananas, dragon fruit, oranges, etc.  How yummy to wake up and pick my oranges for breakfast, or for the kids to be able to swing from the chandelier to pick their own bananas.  The idea had me intrigued that I could grow fruit in the Northeast.  Then I read the line that made the brakes screech, “find a sunny window in your house.”  There’s that indoor growing thing again (remember, I’m not an “innie”).  I’d have to keep the tropical fruit plant alive long enough to get the fruit.  As I was ready to give up and flip the page, my eyes caught a side bar that listed additional tropical fruit to grow.  There on the page, in small print, jumping right out at me, [cue the angelic voices, “ahhhh!”] was…..CHOCOLATE!  Seriously, I could grow chocolate!  It’s a bean, it’s healthy, and it is my family's favorite food group.  I might just have to give this indoor growing a second chance. 


  1. I'll be interested in what success you have. I might grow some myself. : ) Of course, you have to process the bean in some way to make it edible, don't you?

    1. Like Kyle said, minor detail. :)
      I guess I'll have to blog about the processing now. Sigh! Or everyone could just tour the Hershey factory and take good notes. :)

  2. Growing chocolate sounds good to me.

    Processing the bean is just a minor detail. :)