Thursday, March 22, 2012

What's in your garden?

What are cold weather veggies?!  I am often asked what’s growing in my garden.  The idea that I might be planting in March has people asking me exactly what’s in there, were they transplants or directly seeded, did I start seeds indoors or buy them already as baby plants.  So to open a window into my backyard garden, I’ll tell you what’s already planted.  [Keep in mind, I’m in zone 6 of the US].  Many vegetables love the cold weather and won’t die just from a frost or two.  That said, here’s what I have:

Row 1:  Radishes (1st batch planted March 10, second batch this week).  I used to think these were just decorative touches on a salad but they’re phenomenal nutritionally.
Row 2:  Carrots, the 5” variety since I just use them mostly for salad and baking.
Row 3:  Lettuce, a loose variety (not a head lettuce like iceberg)
Center:  A few broccolis along the top of the center.  I leave this are mostly empty so that there’s space to plant cucumbers in May before much of the rest is harvested.  Then, as the rest is harvested, I put in other summer veggies in their place
Row 4:  Sugar Snap peas to grow up a triangular trellis, with ½ a row of romaine
Row 5:  More Romaine
Row 6:  Shallots

On the porch I also planted beets in a container pot although I’m not sure it’s the right time for them. I had a packet of seeds and my neighbor promised to eat them if I grew them.  They were more of an experiment.  As for what was seed and what was transplants….started from SEEDS:  broccoli, radishes, carrots, lettuce, sugar snap peas, and beets.  The romaine was a purchased transplant and the shallots were purchased bulbs.  Hope that inside look helps with your planning!  So if you've already planted, tell me what's in your garden.


  1. I just so wish my husband was more into following blogs--he is our gardener and would love your words of wisdom! He has planted stuff already, but I don't know what--will keep e-mailing your posts to him :)

    1. Thanks for forwarding them. :)