Friday, March 23, 2012

Trash-picking: Recycled Child’s Chair

While walking with a friend, I spotted a set of three children’s chairs.  The two were broken and the third was repairable.  Being the budget gardener who practices what she preaches/writes, I wanted to grab it for my garden.  However, to spare my friend embarrassment I thought I would come back later for it.  To my surprise, she said to take it then and we could walk it back to my car.  (Thanks Deanie!)  Apparently, trash picking is welcomed in her neighborhood! 

With almost 80 degrees weather today, and armed with a can of “wildflower blue” exterior spray paint (how appropriate of a name!), I got to work on my “new” chair.  It dried in no time and was positioned in the garden.  The placement was easy.  I put it next to the birdfeeder and behind the sun dial.  It doesn’t look like much now with just daffodils in front, but you wait and see.  As summer approaches, there will be a burning bush in bloom behind it, pink sweet peas beside it, hydrangeas a few feet away and a zucchini plant or two nearby.  Who will sit in the chair?  Well, any child is welcome to have a seat.  Or perhaps a bird coming for some seed will stop for a rest.

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