Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stealth Gardening

We're one week to go from my planting date for the cold-weather crops.  Last St. Patty's Day, I planted the seeds for my radishes, loose-leaf lettuce and sugar snap peas.  It was a horrible winter last year and the planting day was a bright spot to end the winter blahs.  This year, it seems we've hardly had a winter.  With barely two snows to record, not even one snow-day for school, and most nights not going below freezing, it seems that Spring has already come.  Still, no one expects someone to plant a seed yet.  It's too early!  They'll think I'm crazy.  I just couldn't wait!  So while my husband was assembling the basketball net that our youngest got for his b-day, and the kids were out playing in the street with the new skate ramp, I snuck to the back with the seeds in my pocket.  I looked around and no one was watching.  Quickly, I prepared the soil, dropped in the seeds for just one trial row, fixed the dirt, and ran back to the front.  No one noticed I was gone.  Later, I snuck back to place a small marker that read "R 3/11".  That's my code name for radishes on March 11th.  They'll never crack the code!  This week should bring 70 degree temps again so maybe I'll do some more stealth gardening until the "proper" day to plant arrives.  And by then, I'll either be way ahead of everyone for harvesting, or regretting my decision if that big Easter Blizzard arrives that some are still holding over me.

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  1. So impressively covert! But I would be careful--if the CIA gets wind of your carefully crafted stealth, you may be whisked away from the SAHM live for secret ops service... ;)