Monday, July 2, 2012

Deck Appeal: makeover a deck bed for under $100

As important as it is for your house to have curb appeal, the reality is that "deck appeal" is really the area that is for your pleasure.  The curb is for those passing by your house.  The deck is for your own eyes (unless you have a deck in the front yard.)  So don't neglect your deck beds and deck appeal.  

That said, our deck bed is finished and I love the new brick edging!  No heat wave (think heat index at 100) was going to stop this gardener from cranking out the new flower bed edge.  Gone are the 1980s-style wooden beams with huge railroad ties.  The rectangular shape has been removed for a more flattering rounded corner and shape.  Best yet, I did it all for just under $100.  Yes, we still need to have the deck stained so we don't have the zebra effect between the old and new boards.  That is coming soon, hopefully!

Here's the breakdown:
red brick edging:  $2.15 x 28 bricks = $60.20
Fill dirt for the rounded corners:  $1.25 x 2 bags = $2.50
Mulch:  $3.33 x 3 bags = $9.99
Rose bush (discount plant store):  $12.00
Balloon flowers:  $4 x 2 plants = $8
TOTAL = $92.69 + $5.56 tax = $98.25
Another angle
I love how it highlights the daylillies!