Monday, July 2, 2012

Mixing vegetables into a regular flower bed: Zucchini plants

When I first placed the newly painted children's chair into my flower bed, it was early spring and not much was green or growing up around it.  I envisioned some pretty summer flowers eventually surrounding it.  However, I soon found that I could maximize my vegetable growing by adding some plants among the bushes.  Zucchini plants are just the right plant!  Among the holly bushes and burning bush, I have 4 zucchini plants growing.  They blend right in and add a nice filler of green.  Plus, I already have 3 small zucchini's growing!  Who says you need a raised bed or official garden.  Plant where you have space!

June 2012

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  1. The chair looks so cute there--great idea. Will also pass this onto my husband for the idea o mixing veggies in with our bushes. Thanks!