Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Zucchini Invasion

So if you were ambitious, like me, in planting several zucchini plants, then you're now realizing that you may have more zucchini than you can eat!  Thanks to the fox tramping around our backyard, two out of the 6 zucchini plants have been snapped at the base and died.  However, the remaining plants are cranking out zucchini faster than we can eat them.  Truth be told, we're not a family big on cooked veggies.  My husband is the cooked veggie type, but the rest of us prefer ours raw.  So other than the zucchini patties I made last week--which were DELICIOUS dipped in maranara sauce--I've been trying to bake my zucchini into muffins, breads, etc.  However, with the heat wave(s), I am not the least bit interested in standing near a hot oven and our a/c would not appreciate the oven either.  So what to do with all the zucchini?  Freeze them!  I'm shredding and bagging zucchini as I pick them for a later/cooler date.  Maybe even much later.  Imagine having zucchini muffins in the middle of the winter.  Mmmm!  So for now they're tucked in freezer bags (1 shredded zucchini per bag) in the freezer right next to the homemade strawberry jam and frozen carrot slices I froze after the carrot harvest.  Nothing like having homegrown veggies on hand long after they're gone from the stores.

So don't despair at the abundance of zucchini you may have.  The plants are great at producing.  That's why we grow them.  Just harvest and freeze.  Or better yet, give some away!

The zucchini cakes with maranara sauce can be found at Life's Ambrosia.  Of course, I didn't have nutmeg so I skipped that.  And I didn't have Panko crumbs so I used regular Italian bread crumbs.  And in the interest of time, I skipped the fresh garlic and just used garlic powder from the spice rack.  Dip it in maranara sauce while still warm for a yummy side dish!


  1. This is so hopeful! We are always in zucchini abundance--yes, do another post with some recipes or send them to me if you can--would love them! :)

    1. I just updated the blog with a link to the original recipe. Someone awesome taught me that linking thing. :)