Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Minecraft Gardening: Where computer kids come to garden

Just one of the many creative gardens on Google
My oldest son has never been much for getting his hands in the dirt.  He's also the last to come join me in my garden.  Recently, though I noticed he had a new interest in the gardens and even wanted to harvest some of the vegetables.  Occasionally, he'll even stroll with me to see what's growing.  I was excited that I had somehow influenced him to come grow until I realized the real source of his gardening education:  Minecraft!

For any parent with a child into computer gaming, Minecraft is most likely a source of struggle for limiting screen time.  The computer game is one where the player creates his whole world and all that's in it.  For my son, he created me a garden of roses.  It even had a sign that read "Mom's Garden".  What Mom wouldn't be touched that while her son was mindlessly playing too long on the computer, that he thought to build me a garden?  Oh, maybe that was his tactic...to butter me up so he could play longer!  

However, this past week he showed me two other Minecraft gardens (one even enclosed in glass!) where he was growing watermelons, wheat, and cantaloupes.  I was surprised to find that not only did he have a nice garden, but the thing actually grew!  He needed to provide water, light, and lots of patience while the plants grew.  And then he had to come back to harvest it all.  It might be virtual, but my son was finally getting a gardening bug.  When I asked why he was growing the wheat, he said he only needed a few more stalks and then he could make a cake.  Ah, it's all about the sweets.  Back in the real world, he did eat quite a bit of the chocolate zucchini bread I made this week.  So virtual or real, garden on!


  1. This is very cool--didn't even know such a thing existed! :)

    1. Give Isaac a few years and he'll be begging you for an account. : )

  2. LOve This Dear! i enjoyed seeing it, Thanks For Posting ♥


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